I am Gina Blanchard-Reed, candidate for State Senate in the 2nd Legislative District, home to picturesque Mt. Rainier. I have had the pleasure to live here for the last eleven years  The area is changing in many ways, but that view of Mount Rainier is a reminder to me that some things won’t change and shouldn’t. 

I have been involved in grassroots politics for decades, campaigning for local and national candidates.  In all my time being active, 2016 was a pivotal year for me.  While working on the Ted Cruz campaign, I was elected as a National Delegate. Being elected as a National Delegate is a highly competitive process.


Then I was selected by my peers to be the female representative from Washington State to serve on the Rules Committee working alongside people like Senator Mike Lee. 

Later in 2016, I ran for the appointment to become a Fire Commissioner for Graham Fire & Rescue. It was a competitive field of applicants but I was appointed and received the one year term.  Knowing I would run after that year term I immediately began to campaign, hosting a successful fundraiser called “Red, Wine & Bluegrass”.   I have held that event the last three years. JT Wilcox said last year that it was one of the friendliest events he has ever attended.


I was elected as the Chair of the Board my second year on the commission and now serve as the Vice Chair.  I oversee a budget of 28 million dollars and our district serves 70,000 residents protecting life and property. 

"I would be honored to receive your vote to become your next State Senator."



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