Jennifer Larkin-Keller

Gina is an incredible leader. I worked with her in the Cruz campaign in 2016 and she created an atmosphere of inclusiveness and encouragement for new ideas and creativity. She naturally brings the best out of everyone she is around. Gina is principled, honest, and tenacious. She is fearless. We need more conservative women like Gina in Washington to step up and represent our voice and perspective.

Ivy Berger

I have known Gina for almost 10 years and she’s always been into politics. She seems to have three times the energy of the average person and is always on the go. I think she can really get things done and be the person we want for the job. You have my vote my friend.

Ingrid Crosbie

Gina Blanchard Reed is an amazing leader and will be a viable and perfect candidate replacing Randi Becker as Randi retires from an amazing run as state legislator in this district. Highly recommend Gina Blanchard Reed for this position! 


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